Welcome to Tapis v3

What is Tapis v3

Tapis is an NSF-funded web-based API framework for securely managing computational workloads across infrastructure and institutions, so that experts can focus on their research instead of the technology needed to accomplish it. As part of work funded by the National Science Foundation starting in 2019, Tapis is delivering a version 3 (“v3”) of its platform with several new capabilities, including a multi-site Security Kernel, Streaming Data APIs, and first-class support for containerized applications.

This documentation describes Tapis v3, the latest version of the project. If you are looking for documentation on the curent production Tapis v2 platform, please go here.

About This Documentation

This documentation includes the Getting Started guide – a basic introduction to Tapis v3 – as well as an in-depth Technical guide; see the Technical Guide - Overview or browse directly to the section of interest. All Tapis APIs are defined using the OpenAPI v3 specification. If you are looking for the complete Tapis API reference or to download the Tapis OpenAPI spec files, see our LiveDocs.