Technical Guide - Overview

The Technical Guide for Tapis provides a detailed reference to the primary services in the platform.

  • Sites, Tenancy and Authentication: Complete reference for Tapis authentication.
  • Systems: Registering and working with remote storage and execution resources.
  • Files: Managing data on Tapis systems.
  • Applications: Registering and working with applications.
  • Jobs: Running an application on a system.
  • Meta: Storing and retrieving metadata pertaining to your projects.
  • PgREST: Hosted, HTTP RESTful API to a managed Postrges database instance.
  • Pods: Create long-lived network enabled pods for databases or servers.
  • Streams: Managing streaming data from sensors and other instruments.
  • Actors: Execute containerized functions (“actors”) in response to events or other messages.
  • Security: Securing the digital assets comprising your project.